Skip the supermarket aisles and get the finest local produce delivered to your door safely. 


ORDER ONLINE or email orders@luxewoollahra before Wednesday 12pm and our fresh fruit & veg boxes (and meat & poultry boxes) will be delivered to you in Sydney’s eastern suburbs or lower north shore every Friday.


Unlike some other produce boxes:

  • You can choose the $65 mixed box or create your own selection from $65 for free home delivery
  • Prices are very reasonable and 
  • The produce we have sourced from our usual suppliers for you is farm fresh & restaurant quality - you'll taste the difference!


Choose your random Mixed Box of fruit & veg or Select Your Own by emailing your inclusions to before 12pm Wednesday and we will confirm your order over the phone, for delivery Friday. Available in Syndey's east and north shore.


Our suppliers have over 200 fruit, veg and herb items. Whether you choose from one of our Mixed boxes or you Choose Your Own, below is a sample of the pricing applied to your order. This is just random sample of common items to give you assurance that any item included in your Mixed Box or Choose Your Own selection is reasonably priced.

Avocado $2.40EA
Passionfruit $1.70EA
Apples pink lady $5.80KG Granny Smith $1.40EA
Bananas $3.80KG
Strawberries punnet $5.70EA
Pomegranate $4.20EA
Kiwifuit $1.20EA

Mint bunch $1.40EA
Watermelon (min 3Kg) $1.90KG
Mandarin $6.60KG
Grapes Green Seedless $7KG


Lettuce - Coral Green, Cos, Hydro, Red Oak, Mignonette $2.70EA

Radicchio $5.20EA
Roma Tomatoes $6KG
Tomato Vine $6.60KG

Cucumbers Lebanese $4.20KG Telegraph $1.20EA

Broccolini bunch $3.30EA
Broccoli $5.40KG

Cauliflower $5.00EA
Red Cabbage $5.40EA
Chinese Broccoli $1.80EA

Bok Choy $1.90EA

Mushrooms Enoki or Shitake punnet $3.90EA
Mushrooms Button $10KG
Fennel $2.15KG
Shallots Bunch $2.15EA
Radish Bunch $2.15EA
Beetroot $3.35KG
Artichoke $3.35EA
Potatoes Washed $3.20KG
Rosemary bunch $2EA

Coriander bunch $1.50EA

Chives bunch $1.50EA
Sage bunch $3EA
Basil bunch $3.20EA
Garlic peeled $7.80KG
Cherry Tomatoes punnet $2.50EA

Leek $2.65EA
Kale Bunch $2.65EA

Eggs 700g Free Range $5.50EA
Lime Juice 1LTR or Lemon Juice 2LTR $6EA

Every Mixed Box comes with:
- Asian Stir Fry 1KG mix ready to fry $11.50KG &
- Roast Veggie Cuts Mix readyu for the oven $7.20KG


Luxe Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes

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